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I am revisiting my travels to India today. I was reminded this morning of a lesson I had yet to share.

Remember the women that I met in India, our elected women representatives with all their resilience, courage and persistence? (For reminders click here or here or here even!)

One huge difference that struck me between ‘us’ and ‘them’ was their belief in the power of the collective. They believe in unity. In all the battles they face, they do not do it alone. They refuse to, in fact. They actively seek the support of each other in stopping domestic violence in their villages, in stopping sex selective abortions, in stopping rice allocations being sold on the black market and the myriad of other endeavours. And they seek it consistently.

One of the leadership lessons the women are taught is the flying v formation of migrating birds. (For more on that, see here.)

It’s leadership 1- 0- 1 in the corporate space. But it’s not carried out very convincingly.

These women though, they actually take the information they’re taught and implement it.

They use it.

They flock to the idea (pardon the pun) that by flying together, they create upswing for everyone. By flying together, they assist their fellow birds – those who are trailing behind. They take turns on who leads – ensuring no one gets tired. And they honk loudly – communicating with each other along the way. (Honk being the technical term all birds use for making noise at the back of the v ;-))

Unity. Numbers. The collective. Each other.

Why aren’t we all reaching for that?

With love


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