Infinite love and gratitude to those below!

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“As someone who fights hard between heart and head, Lynda’s past clearing technique is refreshingly odd and confronting. However, I leaned in and despite our session taking place over Skype, it worked! I had a lot of crap to give up and it was gone in the first half. We then found more, but Lynda helped me access the source of my anguish and anxiety plus gave me the guidance and tools to move forward. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to move past those moments of doubt, regret and shame. Thank you Lynda.”

Paul Smith
Founder, Future Directors Institute, Perth

“Even just one sessions with demonstrated Lynda’s trifecta; deep listening, asking powerful questions and creating a container where I felt compassion – no coddling (to getting off the hook with my favourite little subconscious evasive manoeuvres!). Expect forward motion. Thanks Lynda!”

Jill Krambeck
Senior Project Manager, Sydney

I loved every moment of the spiralling process with Lynda. She helped me to identify unconscious blocks in my life around money, love, desire and guilt – and to take purposeful action to eliminate them. As a result, I got clear on my financial goals, wrote a budget, arranged my finances, had frank financial conversations with my family, trusted my own decisions, had greater self-awareness in personal and professional relationships, and had honest and vulnerable conversations about my desires and goals with my partner and boss. People noticed a shift in my way of being, they experienced me as powerful and that made my heart sing – and Lynda delighted in my progress as if it was her own which I loved! The homeplay she set kept me on track from week to week, the whole process from start to finish was enjoyable and insightful, and Lynda’s willingness to go the extra mile to work through other issues that showed up along the way was incredibly generous – and for all of that I am grateful. I can highly recommend Lynda for her beautiful energy, her gracious support, and the delicate way she handles vulnerability.

Tara Donnelly
Communications Manager, Sydney

I was at a crossroad in my career, knowing that I no longer felt inspired or fulfilled with what I was doing. I wanted something more meaningful, more inspiring, something that I truly felt connected to. I stumbled across Lynda’s coaching service on the flying solo website. Something about her offering really resonated with me. She was somebody who had crawled out of the corporate quicksand pit to pursue something she was passionate about. She was a living example of what I wanted to achieve.

As a coach – Lynda is amazing. She makes you feel instantly at ease and creates a safe environment which enabled me to really challenge my thought patterns and explore what I was searching for at my core. At times when I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of tasks I had created for myself – she helped strip it back, keep it simple to see a clearer way ahead. Lynda has guided me to establish a clear path to my goals and the self belief that I can, and will, do this. For that, I am deeply grateful. 

Kate Blenkiron
Founder, Brain Snacks, Melbourne

Even a month after I have finished ‘The Spiral’ I have not reverted back to my old personality traits that held me back. I have been more mindful about letting go of my own negative perceptions of myself, being more expressive in my own thoughts as I am speaking my truth, allowing myself to be more vulnerable, and keeping true to my vision and purpose in life whilst still being open to new opportunities, people and experiences that come my way.

This program is life altering and I continue to put these learnings into place each and everyday, learning more and more about myself so that I am changing my pre-conditioned actions from when I was younger. My energy has continued to shift positively, I have more control over my own actions and my own destiny, I have a renewed sense of vitality, clearer vision, greater connection to myself and others, drive and ambition, life has become easier in achieving my goals, and I feel free within myself as I am no longer self-sabotaging.

I have now developed new healthy habits for my life that will carry me onto my next chapter with my true identity being unfolded. I could not have done this without going through ‘The Spiral’ and having Lynda guide me through the whole process. This is a truly remarkable experience that you will only be able to feel once you allow yourself to do this.

Lynda herself radiates a feeling of lightness and an energy that automatically attracts you to her knowing that she is intrinsically at peace and has undergone her own personal journey.

Through coming to know Lynda myself on a professional and personal level I had no doubt in trusting her to take me through this journey of my own inner transformation that I was craving from within.

Tiffany Ma
Founder, Nourished by Tiffany, Sydney

I decided to start the Spiral course with Lynda and I was slightly apprehensive at first about what it would involve. I clearly had some blocks that were affecting me during the stressful phase on my launching my business and no word of a lie, within 5 minutes of our first session ending, I had my largest ever deal come through. This made me more receptive to the process and in the following six weeks I continued to reap the rewards in business, happiness, productivity and self-awareness from Lynda’s thorough process. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and eye-opening process that I highly recommend. Lynda’s skilled background as a corporate coach made this time even more worthwhile as she can talk the talk and can relate to the challenges and stresses that come with the startup world. Thank you Lynda, you’re amazing!”

Justin Falk 
Founder,, Brisbane  

“I can’t recommend Lynda highly enough for anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives. Guided by positive thinking and effective coaching techniques that Lynda has in her arsenal, I gained a better understanding of why I think the way I do, what drives me and how to bring the best out in myself in a way that can benefit me and those around me. I also realised that most of the time I am just my own worst enemy. Lynda helped me figure [out] that I really do have all the answers. I have gone from coasting through my career to setting clear achievable goals for the future. Whilst our sessions were still in progress, I could see a transformation in my approach to work as a result of the power that clear goals gave me. It really is easy to be happy when you know where you are going.

Talking to Lynda is really easy. She is open minded, kind, very professional and makes you feel at ease whilst dealing with her. You can really be yourself. And when you are open minded and yourself, you’ll be amazed where her techniques for coaching can take you…..The answers are all there. Lynda just helps you find them. In addition to a highly motivating and productive goal setting experience, Lynda helped me trust myself and rediscover my awesomeness.”

Giulio D’Andrea
Business Analyst, Macquarie Bank, Sydney

“Lynda helped me to see that “I am”; an individual, separate from other people, with my own thoughts and feelings that were true… This … implant[ed] the new found confidence to go forward with what I want, rather than follow the yellow brick road. Moving forward, [I am] setting achievable goals and I [hold myself] accountable for achieving them.”

Jennifer Anderson
Founder, Podsalons, Melbourne

“I would recommend coaching for anyone who is …determined and ready for changing their life situation… As a person Lynda is very warm, kind, understanding and encouraging.… Together with Lynda, I have begun organising and understanding my inner dreams and ambitions. It’s been an… insightful and fun period of my life. I’m more confident of what I want to do and how I should achieve it…”

Sara Imani
United Minds, Sweden

“I recently attended a retreat in Bali run by Lynda and her business partner. The exercises Lynda led our group through were particularly revealing and effective. The visualisations were powerful in helping me to move forward and through some beliefs that do not serve my higher good.  I would love the opportunity to work with Lynda on more of these techniques & exercises – particularly goal setting as I know I would reap great benefits. Lynda is a caring and kind coach… I wish her all the best in her endeavours and recommend her highly.”

Lynne Ryan
Change Manager, Commonwealth Bank, Sydney

“Flintwood Disability Services engaged the services of [Lynda] for the purpose of increasing team building through positive interactions and personal awareness of behaviour. Lynda was able to easily relate to Flintwood’s Management team as she showed a high level of preparation, planning and understanding prior to delivery of the training. Lynda was able to gain a sense of exactly what Flintwood’s Management team needed and provided a flexible and thought provoking session. Lynda’s professional, yet personable behaviour is what makes the relationship between [her] and Flintwood a positive and ongoing one.”

Lauren Abel
General Manager, Flintwood Disability Services, Sydney

“Lynda is magnificent!… We see through clear, concise communication, achieving individual success is only achieved through a positive way of thinking. Lynda, you have shown us direction and guided our attention to what is real and what we can really achieve. Unlocking our potential is only a stone’s throw away!

Making a difference is solely our choice and Lynda has helped me and our team see the bigger picture.

Your workshop was brilliant as it really engaged the audience and attracted robust discussion in terms of ‘what are we here for and what can we do to individually break down our fears and look at the outer circle to create a change?’

Lynda’s enthusiasm and passion really shines when she is presenting and interacting with her audience. I know from our experience that my team leaders were thrilled and most intrigued with the presentation and lots was learned from the experience.

The great acknowledgement I can provide Lynda is the ‘show kept rolling’ after the presentation was completed. Our learning’s reached our people and action plans followed.

Love the passion and excitement brought to the workshop. Lynda’s interaction with the audience has helped our team explore what it takes to achieve individual success. You have certainly opened our eyes and delivered a very meaningful message.

Can’t wait to have you back again Lynda… thanks for a truly motivating experience.”

George Salem
Service and Sales Manager, Local Business Banking, Commonwealth Bank, Sydney

 I first met Lynda Bayada at a retreat for women through Sundari Soul. The first thing I noticed is her irrepressible enthusiasm for life and helping others. Through thoughtfully prepared guided meditations and group work, her positivity and guidance helped clarify my goals and gave me helpful techniques to apply in my life moving forward. Her creativity and hard work relating to the retreat’s activities plus the accompanying personal messages and extremely relevant journal/workbook is evidence of her willingness to go the extra mile for her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone looking for a professional and committed coach.

Anneka Roddan
Founder & Artist,, Wollongong

“Lynda is an exceptional teacher, very knowledgeable, genuine and passionate. She allows everyone to be themselves, always accords respect, and hence some of our tangents. What a great learning environment she creates; safe, interesting and engaging.”

Matthew Bonello
Territory Manager NSW, The Wrigley Company, Sydney