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In an age where information is at your finger- tips, you can discover HOW to do just about anything in a nano second – including how to begin and run a business, launch into a new career or perfect a new hobby.

So why aren’t we all going after the things we truly desire, the things we truly yearn for?

Because it’s not not knowing how to do things that’s holding you back. It’s the what.

Through reflection of my own personal journey and seeing consistent destructive patterns of behaviour with my clients – clients who have desperately wanted to realise their visions – I have designed the following packages in order for you to tackle exactly what is holding you back from taking the steps to realise your own.

Wanting to ensure you have a soulful transition to realising your potential, these packages are a combination of my experience in advanced clearing, coaching, NLP, Whole Brain Thinking and LIFE.

All packages and sessions are designed to provide greater self awareness, clear baggage that has been weighing you down and holding you back, and unblock those invisible barricades you feel are like a brick wall standing in your way.

(All sessions can take place via video call so you can be anywhere in the world AND in your pyjamas.)

Take your pick…

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve always imagined”

– Henry Thoreau


This kick starter session is the perfect way to put the wind in your sails.

Perhaps you know what your purpose is but are having trouble articulating the vision or understanding just how to carry that out.

Or perhaps you know what to do, you’re just having trouble getting to the specifics.

During this 90 minute session you will;

  • Discover the emotional blocks that are holding you back from formulating your vision or understanding your purpose
  • Clear the emotional blocks that are holding you back from formulating your vision or understanding your purpose
  • Formulate a solid plan in order to implement your newly discovered or refined purpose and vision

If you’re wanting to do all of the above, send your inquiry through the contact form below.



One of the most apparent obstacles in any transition is MONEY. This piece of plastic or metal that we give so much significance can really be a cause of worry, frustration and downright fear.

I mean, what if you fall from grace? What if you are no longer able to maintain your earning capacity whilst you make the switch? What if you lose the established life that you’ve so nicely put together and worked so damn hard for?

I get it. So let’s change it.

During this 90 minute session you will;

  • Discover your current energetic level of what you’re comfortable earning monthly, yearly and your current comfort levels on net worth
  • Upgrade your energetic level by the end of the 90 minute session
  • Discover the beliefs and associations holding you back from creating real wealth
  • Discover the emotional blocks and associations holding you back from investing, saving, spending and making MONEY
  • Walk away with precise and specific actions in order to upgrade and match your physical world with your energetic world
  • Change your relationship to money

If you’re wanting to do all of the above, send your inquiry through the contact form below.



If you know where you want to go but are having trouble navigating the gap between here and there, this program is for you.

It wasn’t until I dove in, head first from a comfortable corporate career to starting my own business that I realised, it wasn’t not knowing how to do something that was holding me back, it was me; my thinking, my mindset, my conditioning – conditioning that was no longer serving me. The specific topics tackled are what has been a consistent niggle across the course of my journey and those of my clients.

I’ve scuffed my knees and bruised my elbows all in the hopes that you don’t have to.

If you’re;

  • Disillusioned with your current success (and most likely feel guilt around that)
  • Desiring something more then the status quo
  • Thinking the leap from here to there is too far a jump to take
  • Concerned about your finances in the process
  • Feel like you’ll be starting ALL OVER AGAIN

I feel that pain. That’s why I’ve put this together specially to help you navigate that journey.

Here’s what’s in store for you;

SESSION 1 – Your perception is creating your reality; how your beliefs are shaping your life. Deep dive into three limiting beliefs that are seriously holding you back from stepping into your true power

SESSION 2 – Let’s talk about money; deep dive into your money mindset (soulful wealth clear session above included)

SESSION 3 – You’re not the boss of me; letting go of others expectations

SESSION 4 – How do I think? Learn how to use your whole brain to move forward with your plans

SESSION 5 – The vision and the plan (vision and purpose soulstart session above included)

Here’s what Kate has said about being guided through her transition;

“I was at a crossroad in my career, knowing that I no longer felt inspired or fulfilled with what I was doing. I wanted something more meaningful, more inspiring, something that I truly felt connected to. I stumbled across Lynda’s coaching service on the flying solo website. Something about her offering really resonated with me. She was somebody who had crawled out of the corporate quicksand pit to pursue something she was passionate about. She was a living example of what I wanted to achieve.

As a coach – Lynda is amazing. She makes you feel instantly at ease and creates a safe environment which enabled me to really challenge my thought patterns and explore what I was searching for at my core. At times when I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of tasks I had created for myself – she helped strip it back, keep it simple to see a clearer way ahead. Lynda has guided me to establish a clear path to my goals and the self belief that I can, and will, do this. For that, I am deeply grateful.”

Kate Blenkiron,
 Founder ~ Brain Snacks, Melbourne

If you’d like to move forward and take that bull by the horns, now’s the time. And this package is the way to do it. Contact me through the form below.



If you’re thinking complete LIBERATION on your journey to realising your potential – then think ‘The Spiral’.

‘The Spiral’ is a powerful 7 session program designed to deeply and profoundly transform your life.

Using a combination of Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emotional Clearing, NLP and Spiral Dynamics (the natural order of human evolution), this program allows people to drop their emotional baggage – permanently.

If you are;

  • Having trouble realising or even imagining your future or purpose
  • Creatively inhibited
  • Consistently resistant to taking ‘next steps’
  • Unable to truly express or be yourself
  • Playing to other’s expectations
  • Relating poorly or consistently running into the same relationship patterns
  • Generally ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked’ in one or more areas of your life

Then The Spiral is the perfect antidote.

People who complete the Spiral journey report the following benefits;

  • Increased speed in which to birth and complete projects
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Deeper access to creative ideas
  • A calmer, more centred self
  • A quieter and more loving inner dialogue
  • Deeper and more connected relationships with self and others
  • Releasing from tired, old emotional baggage

Each week we concentrate on a theme which has a specific set of emotions attached to it. Here is an overview of what you can expect to tackle;

SESSION ONE: Deserving

SESSION TWO: Creativity


SESSION FOUR: Love & Organisation

SESSION FIVE: Expression

SESSION SIX: Vision & Receptivity


People have described “The Spiral” as 7 years of personal development in 7 sessions. Years of healing, personal development and spiritual practice all combine in this one complete and unique system.

This program is not for the faint of heart. It is not a quick fix or magic pill (though it is often referred to as magic). You must be willing, committed and ready to take action in order to experience change on all levels – emotionally, mentally and in the physical realm.

This program is NOT for you if;

  • You’re not committed to change on a deep level
  • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your own change
  • You’re expecting not to take any action
  • You’re half hearted in taking action
  • You’re offended by colourful language (only used sparingly and for effect, I promise)
  • You’re not willing to have any fun

If you would like to take the first steps to creating a life filled with more joy, more of the time, complete the inquiry form below showing your interest.

Here’s just some of the things people have said upon completing the process;

I loved every moment of the spiralling process with Lynda. She helped me to identify unconscious blocks in my life around money, love, desire and guilt – and to take purposeful action to eliminate them. As a result, I got clear on my financial goals, wrote a budget, arranged my finances, had frank financial conversations with my family, trusted my own decisions, had greater self-awareness in personal and professional relationships, and had honest and vulnerable conversations about my desires and goals with my partner and boss. People noticed a shift in my way of being, they experienced me as powerful and that made my heart sing – and Lynda delighted in my progress as if it was her own which I loved! The homeplay she set kept me on track from week to week, the whole process from start to finish was enjoyable and insightful, and Lynda’s willingness to go the extra mile to work through other issues that showed up along the way was incredibly generous – and for all of that I am grateful. I can highly recommend Lynda for her beautiful energy, her gracious support, and the delicate way she handles vulnerability.

Tara Donnelly ~ Communications Manager, Sydney

“Even a month after I have finished ‘The Spiral’ I have not reverted back to my old personality traits that held me back. I have been more mindful about letting go of my own negative perceptions of myself, being more expressive in my own thoughts as I am speaking my truth, allowing myself to be more vulnerable, and keeping true to my vision and purpose in life whilst still being open to new opportunities, people and experiences that come my way.

This program is life altering and I continue to put these learnings into place each and everyday, learning more and more about myself so that I am changing my pre-conditioned actions from when I was younger. My energy has continued to shift positively, I have more control over my own actions and my own destiny, I have a renewed sense of vitality, clearer vision, greater connection to myself and others, drive and ambition, life has become easier in achieving my goals, and I feel free within myself as I am no longer self-sabotaging.

I have now developed new healthy habits for my life that will carry me onto my next chapter with my true identity being unfolded. I could not have done this without going through ‘The Spiral’ and having Lynda guide me through the whole process. This is a truly remarkable experience that you will only be able to feel once you allow yourself to do this.

Lynda herself radiates a feeling of lightness and an energy that automatically attracts you to her knowing that she is intrinsically at peace and has undergone her own personal journey.

Through coming to know Lynda myself on a professional and personal level I had no doubt in trusting her to take me through this journey of my own inner transformation that I was craving from within.”

Tiffany Ma, Founder ~ Nourished by Tiffany

Not everyone is accepted into this program. To apply and see if you’re a good fit, register your interest through the inquiry form below now.



** The Spiral is a pre-requisite for this program**

Though this package only involves three sessions, these three sessions are DEEP.

To give you an idea, each session is (at least) two weeks apart and will need to allow three – four hours.

Whilst this is a commitment, the collapsing that is involved in these sessions is QUANTUM (hence the name), ensuring profound and powerful shifts.

Because of the intensity of these sessions, The Spiral is a pre- requisite for this program. Having done ‘The Spiral’ ensures two things;

  • Processing of these sessions comes with greater ease
  • ‘Old,’ low level patterns are not inhibiting your growth (which dilutes the effect of this program)

The program is special and dear to my heart as I believe it breaks you wide open, allowing a new identity to unfold.

It would be an honour and privilege to take you through.

The same ‘The Spiral’ rules apply.

If you’ve been through the Spiral and want to go QUANTUM, apply by registering your interest through the inquiry form below.



I tend to attract those who are big on the idea of being in business, big on the idea of personally developing themselves in order to flourish in their entrepreneurial endeavours or searching for the courage to transition from corporate success to entrepreneurial success, employee to entrepreneurial mindset.

BUT, this cat has many tricks. And if you wish to work with me and don’t see a program that’s quite suitable, let’s make one up!

The beauty of the work that I do is that it gets to the HEART of any matter that you’re facing and releases the obstacles standing in your way. So, don’t let a package name be the thing that stands in your way. Contact me and we’ll create something especially for you.

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