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Dear 2015

I underestimated you. Just when I thought you were going one way, you hijacked the train and changed course. You were rich, even though at times you felt empty. This is what you gave me;

I loved – fleetingly yet hard

I found it hard to let go

I sought closure – asking for help was BIG for me

I ticked items off the bucket list – India, Uluru, Peru

I pioneered a role at a not for profit and contributed to a cause so much bigger then me

I realised the gift of giving as a result

I exposed myself to more and more personal development – accepting the growing pains that came with it

I got coached and was held accountable for this life I’m creating

I got fan dangled accredited – internationally so

I did double the pro bono coaching hours then paid – that makes me proud

I learned a new modality – this one, this one is changing the world

I wrote 10, 688 more words in 6 months

I stopped writing

I stepped away from my business

I was witness to illness

I was on the inside of death

I suffered loss

I gained so much more

I taught 107 new students through uni – they taught me more

I attended 2 X 3 yr old dance concerts of epic proportions with multiple costume changes

I celebrated my niece and nephew turning 3 and 2 – so special

I made new friends

I strengthened relationships with old ones

Most of all, I became just that little bit more me

Now, upon reflection, I celebrate you. Thank you for giving me such gifts. The lessons will be lifelong. And have shaped me in a way that I know is for the better.

I love you.

Now I get to meet what feels like your cousin. You know, the opportunist with all their positivity and promise. Welcome 2016. I think we’re going to get on just fine.

With love