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Just before I left for Peru, I promised that I would have some thinking time and create something for you.

Well, I did.

I’ve put together a workshop that is small in commitment, but big on impact.

See, over the last four transformational years going from a big corporate career to running my own small business, I’ve had the time to reflect. Hindsight, as they say, is a wonderful thing.

Upon reflection and after making many mistakes, it has become apparent to me that you need 3 things, 3 vital keys, that will take you from here to there.

Luckily enough, these keys are versatile. It might not be that you’re looking at going from a big corporate career to running a small business. It may be that you’re looking at going from one career option to another. It may be that you’re just changing direction or tact in your current role.

Whatever it is, I assure you, you need these 3 things.

I’m offering the workshop centrally in Sydney and at three different times. All the details are here. I’ve loved for you to come along.

(Just remember, I keep groups small to create intimacy. That means spaces are limited.)

If this is not for you, that’s a ok. There’s no obligation. But if you happen to think of someone else who might need this information, please do them a favour and share it with them.

I can’t wait to see what you create after this workshop.

With love


If you’re wanting to find out the 3 things you need to do before you quit and walk away with some practical insight, click here.

Not right for the workshop but know someone who is? Forward this on. They’ll love you for it.