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Oftentimes clients will ask me – how do I achieve what I want to achieve without compromising my current lifestyle?

Would you like the honest answer?

You don’t.

Let’s get really, really, really real here.

If you were a personal trainer and an obese person came to you and said, “I would really like to lose weight but I don’t want to stop eating the things I like eating as often as I eat them or make time to train – I hate sweating,” what would you say?

I imagine it would be something similar to, “Ah, no dice.”

That person is going to have to make some sacrifices of time, energy, money and lifestyle choices, aren’t they? If they want to achieve even a modicum of their goals, something will have to change.

And it’s no different to any other goal.

Money, time, energy and lifestyle – something’s going to have to give.

The degree to which you do that is ALLLLLLL up to you.

With love


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