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Hello. Hi. How are you? Are you happy? Or are you choosing not to be? Are you in fact choosing to make things a litttttlllleeeee more complicated then what they need to be?

Many, many people when they start out running a business or simply creating a new path to venture down get really, really bogged down in the detail of ‘how’. “Yes, but how do I start a business? How do I manage a business? How do I implement systems? What dots do I place on what I’s and what crosses do I place on what T’s?”


It doesn’t actually matter.

I mean, of course it does.

But you’re using the ‘how’ as an excuse to stay stuck. Are you not?

Tell me you’re not. Tell me you’re not using it as an excuse and I will run naked down the CBD main street.

Tell me this. When you knew you wanted to drive a car at the age of 15 or 16 or whenever it was, did you know how to do it? Was the only thing you knew, the only thing you were certain of, the fact that that you wanted your licence? You didn’t know how to drive a car. You went about learning. You organised to take lessons, roped people into teaching you, read a manual to find out. You didn’t let not knowing ‘how’ stop you, did you? You simply took the steps to find out.

It’s not different with a business or a new path.

You need to gather support, rope people into teaching you (eg. hiring a coach or mentor), ask questions, take courses, actually get in there and get your hands dirty and do it.

Take the steps. How else are you going to know?

By George we have all let it stop us though, haven’t we?

Your fulfilling, inspiring, passionate, exciting life doesn’t care that you don’t know how to do something yet. It just cares that you care enough to learn.

So which step do you take next? The answer is, any step.

Are you going to let the ‘how’ get in your way?

With love


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