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I have have been very lucky to enjoy an art filled cultural feast this weekend (with a gorgeous and dear friend of mine visiting from Melbourne – double whammy of delight!).

Walking through the NSW Art Gallery on Saturday viewing the Archibald, Wynne & Sulman Prize entries and winners, I was so taken with the talent hanging on those walls.

These visions are not lost on me. I truly, truly appreciate not just their presence but the obvious process it takes to get there. I think about the time, the thought, the painstaking details, the imagination, the creativity, the commitment, the vulnerability it takes to put a piece of them out into the world for public viewing and scrutiny.

It got me thinking; imagine if these artists didn’t find the courage to do just that. Imagine if they stayed small, keeping their art for only their eyes or for the eyes of close and personal family and friends. Imagine if they had the thoughts, the feelings and the true desire to do so… but let something stop them? That something being fear.

Imagine that. My Saturday wouldn’t have nearly been so wonderful, sure. But the world would truly suffer. These people have a gift that needs to be shared.

And so do you.

All those thoughts, all those ideas, all those imaginings – the world needs it. The world needs you.

I’ve said this before but I felt it time to say it again, especially since I’ve just come to the completion of my own journey, learning to express myself fully. (See here and here, oh, and here.) I’m still a little afraid. I’m still tentative and wondering if the world really wants to hear the things I’ve got to say. But the overarching feeling is that I must. I must. Someone, somewhere may benefit and who am I to deny them of that? Who would these artists have been to deny us enjoyment of their clear talent?

Maybe not all the pieces are for everyone. But they’ll be for someone.

So, complete this sentence;the world needs to hear {fill in the blank} from me.

Now, get to it.

With love


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