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I was blessed to have a friend in town from the UK last Thursday. She is an elegant, classy, quietly cheeky creature who it took just a second to fall back into the same banter and familiarity with.

We’ve watched each other from a distance over the years. I spent a good chunk of my time with her a good ten years ago now, in London. As distance and time often dictates, we fell into the hum drum of our local lives… but not without keeping a sneaky little eye on each other.

I’ve watched her go from retail to project management to dabbling in the arts on the side to committing and deciding on a career devoted to the arts by being a ceramicist.

That decision did not come lightly for her. She internally grappled with many, many things; Money, having made it so far and ‘starting again’, putting ‘baby making’ on hold and what would her inner circle think?

(These things sounded oh so familiar! I mean, that was me too almost 4 years ago now!)

Something she told me in particular stood out – “I didn’t think it was even a possibility to do the thing that I loved. I mean, was it really something I could do as a living? For real? I didn’t make a comparison with other people who were so obviously doing it. Somehow, I was different. How could I entertain the idea?”

We don’t think we deserve these things. We think we only have the right to ‘dabble’ in and make hobby of our passion. We think living our dreams is really not for us but for other people.

What the hell for?

YOU deserve your dreams. You do.

My friend and I have started carving the path. How about you? Ready to take just one step towards the realisation of your dreams?

If I can help, touch base with me… And I also promise to bring you a product in the future that will help you do just that. It’s percolating at the moment 😉 I’ll keep you posted.

With love


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