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I guess this blog is an extension of last Thursday. A deeper one.

I was watching a documentary recently called ‘I Am’. Tom Shadyac, a man normally known for his Hollywood directing prowess, ‘tapped out’ one day and decided to go on a journey of exploration. His question, what is this life really all about?

When I say ‘tapped out’ – he hit a ceiling. As a Hollywood director, his life was overly comfortable. He seemingly had it all. He had homes in the US, holiday homes for travel, cars, lavish trips and modes of other transport. He. Had. It. All.

Had it all according to who?

After moving into another luxurious home, once the movers and everyone left, he looked around and said to himself, ‘I’m no happier’.

He had all this ‘stuff’ and he was not fulfilled.

So his quest was to find the true meaning of happiness, backed by science, of course.

To watch the details of the movie, google will be your friend here. I am not here to rehash the scientific findings.

But I found one thing that he said at the end absolutely profound. Human beings are the only species that take more then what is necessary. The trees do not take more oxygen or sunlight then what is required to survive, the lions when hunting do not eat all the deer, they only eat enough to satisfy their hunger. But we, us, us humans, we take more then we need.

And there is a name for something that takes more then what is needed. That name is cancer.

Woah Nelly. Does that pack a punch or what?

This message is deeper then acquiring ‘stuff’. It can be applied to the way we treat our world, its environment, our loved ones and relationships… ourselves. We are taking more then what we need from our home, each other and us as individuals.

When is enough, enough?

I don’t have the answer just yet. But boy am I now thinking about it.

With love


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