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One of the philosophies that The Hunger Project teaches is to come with a beginner’s mind to the cultures and people you might encounter on the road to ending world hunger.

When you begin anything, you come with little knowledge. And that’s what they’re asking you to do. Come without any preconceived notion of what ‘should’ be. Come without a desire to fix, tamper with or apply your own learnings.

Instead, come with openness. Come with a willingness to learn something new. Come with curiosity. Come with TRUST. Allow what you are seeing to wash over you and simply… observe.

When we don’t do this, there is a danger of disempowering those we encounter. When we step in and show them our way, we take away their right to learn, we take away their independence, and we take away their chance to shine.

Who said our way was right anyway?

Our tendency to show people our way is not necessarily ill intentioned. Perhaps we are coming from a real place of heart, wanting to serve the people we meet.

But regardless of our intention, it’s the action that’s pivotal in this scenario – or should I say the inaction.

Stand back.

I think this lesson applies to everyone you meet. Imagine if we came with a beginner’s mind to everything – so open to all possibilities and all shades of colour and opportunity. Imagine what could be created then. Imagine if we didn’t try to fix it all or be an authority on it all.

Imagine if we allowed space for growth – theirs and yours.

Imagine that.

With love


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