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I lost a ‘liker’ this week. A single, solitary person left my building. I don’t know why. Maybe it was something I said?

It’s interesting being in business. You need to develop a thick skin.

People are going to come and go. They are going to be raving fans one minute and leave you the next. I don’t believe they’re fickle decisions. On the contrary, I believe they’re quite considered decisions made with love for themselves.

But as a business owner, it sometimes stings a bit. I’m not going to lie. I am human, after all.

“Now,” I hear you say, “c’mon Lynda, it’s only one”.

But as a business owner, I consider every single soul very, very important. It reminds me of the end of Eat, Pray, Love where Liz says, “Accept everyone in this life as your teacher”.

And I do.

I wonder, oh, how could I have said things differently to keep that person? Or, was there a post that offended? How can I prevent that? Or was there something that wasn’t relevant? How do I make things more relevant for everyone? How can I ensure I keep everyone and anyone who comes to the page, happy?

All these questions are actually very relevant. Like I said last week, the work you put out there is going to be scrutinised. I want to be making sure I am doing my best to meet my audience’s needs.

But it’s all about balance.

Yes, I do need to take stock and take on board the feedback that the world is giving me – but I must be careful not to over think or analyse the situation. (Hands up who’s guilty of that?)

I do need to rationalise and think logically.

Here are a few tips on just how to do that and come away with a sane mind and heart;

Take stock: revisit the time just prior to losing someone from your list and assess, asking some of the q’s I’ve mentioned above.

Realise: people are going to leave. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes the dynamic is not the same as it used to be. They chose not to flog the dead horse. Applaud them for that.

Employ logic: ok, so it might sting a little to lose some people. But let’s be reasonable – there’s a myriad of possible reasons for this happening that actually might not involve YOU. Think about when you have ‘unsubscribed’ or ‘unliked’ something. What has been the reason? Perhaps you didn’t think what they were saying was relevant to you anymore. Did you have any hard feelings? No. It was nothing personal. You just didn’t get the vibe of it any longer. OR, perhaps they served you for the time you needed them. You liked them, but you’ve moved on from that initial problem. Perhaps you were just feeling overwhelmed by the amount of emails in your inbox or ‘stuff’ in your news feeds and started culling some things. Now reverse the perspective.

Focus; focus on the people who are following you and how you can perform even better for them!

And remember, for every one person you lose, there may be others watching that just don’t tell you that they are 😉

With love


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