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I have a dirty little secret…

I can wait for Fridays.

I don’t dread Mondays.

I don’t describe Wednesdays as a ‘hump’ to get over.

Why do I feel like this is a dirty little secret? Because surely you’re not supposed to enjoy your working week?!

Surely not.

Let me tell you something. You can. And you have the right to. And you must. Otherwise what on earth is this life for?

When people say to me, ‘thank God it’s Friday tomorrow’, I shudder. Does that mean for four whole days you’ve been hanging out for one? Does that mean that you only really enjoy two out of seven days? Are the odds not sh*tty on that? Do you not want to hedge your bets on something else?

And what’s worse, I sometimes buy into the bullshit of a ‘oh yeah’ response because I feel that’s what the TGIFers need to hear. I need to conform to the norm of comforting people because their weeks are not what they want them to be.

People are so programmed to think that their days of the week or their jobs are meant to be annoying, lacklustre, dry, boring. Isn’t that how everyone feels, after all? You’re supposed to work hard (and by hard we mean do something you don’t enjoy) and enjoy the fruits of your labour across only those days named Saturday and Sunday or those four weeks you’re assigned each year to take ‘holidays’.

(And even then, what action packed weekends and holidays we’re planning. But that’s another blog for another time. In fact, I’ve even written one on busyness here.)


Who said?

Who made up these rules?

And are we all just playing along because we’re conditioned to think that way?

I have a hunch the answer to that is yes.

Isn’t life too short to spend a third of your time not doing something worthwhile and/ or fulfilling?

Sure, there are times when I’m frustrated with my work, where I find it challenging and where I can be obscenely triggered. But when it’s linked back to the bigger question of my why, I smile.

What’s your why? Are you working towards that or someone else’s why?

If you are working towards someone else’s why, are you enjoying that or can you not wait for Friday, can’t stand Monday and look forward to getting over the hump of Wednesday?

With love


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