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Spending time with a gorgeous friend on Monday evening, we visited the recital hall and took in a classical string quartet.

The tickets were a gift and though neither of us would actively choose this kind of concert, we truly, truly appreciated it none the less.

The reason being; we’re both in business.

How do the two marry? Let me explain.

We both create for a living now. We create on many levels. We create our networks, we create our opportunities, we create our message, content and song to the world, we create practical things like logos and websites and book covers and most of all, we create our existence.

And because we create, we see beyond the surface, beyond what’s being presented by other creators and beings.

We don’t just appreciate the sound coming from the cello. We see the painstaking hours of practice those fingers have endured, we understand the drive, desire and ambition it takes to showcase their talent, we hear the thoughts of doubt and feel the fears of possibly not impacting the right audience at the right time and we really get the courage it takes to perform.

James Clear wrote a fabulous article this week detailing the statistics on highly creative companies. Companies like 3M and Google have 15 – 20% unstructured down time. Time to be truly free, which they credit to their inventions of the post it note and gmail respectively.

So, in order to keep creating and create well, I am inserting a little ‘unstructured’ time of my own. I’ll be offline for 2.5 weeks and back with you and writing by the second week of June.

By then, I will have something fabulous to reveal.

In the meantime, so much love to you all and I hope you find some unstructured time to balance, rejuvenate and restore yourself too.

With love


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