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On Sunday I did the coastal walk. Beautifully vivid, turquoise blues were everywhere as I wandered along, breathing in the salty air.

It was a gorgeous day if anyone can remember it – 23 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

(And boy does Sydney know how to turn it on when we’ve got great weather!)

I took a break from the 12 km walk in Bondi, grabbed a juice and wandered over to the lawn on the beachside.

There were kites of every shape and size everywhere. Magical, whimsical, colourful kites.

By this stage I had my head phones in and my internet on. I sat down to look at a few little things and ‘work’ a little.

Hold up. What? I decided to sit down with ear phones in, blocking out the sounds of the ocean and the obvious vibrant atmosphere being created with this festival of kites and look at a mini computer screen, taking my gaze away from the colours, sunshine and gorgeous outlook?


Am I crazy?

There’s so many things that are wrong with that picture;

I chose to do work at a time when I was clearly supposed to be relaxing and restoring myself

I chose to deny myself the beauty of the present moment

I chose left brain activity when I clearly could have been engaging in the wonder, creativity and imaginings of the right brain

I chose distraction and flighty energy rather than prolonged joy

I could write mini blogs on each of these things. But I don’t have time.

Just know that I did snap myself out of it and readjusted. And that’s the important thing. Even though we may slip, it’s important to reel ourselves back in. Provide yourself little triggers and mechanisms to get back on track… and stay there.

With love


PS. I have something to announce very, very soon. Stay tuned. There’s an exciting new program coming your way.

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