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Phew. I’m back.

After two weeks of completely relinquishing any work responsibility I’m back to the hum drum of Sydney life… but not without a few reflections on my magical, mystical time away.

Whilst I was away I experienced a wide array of activity. There was heat, canoeing, exotic wildlife and nature walks in the Amazon. And there were beanies, gloves, hiking boots and walking poles, sunrises over mountain peaks, ancient Incan ruins and hot springs in the Andes.

There were extremes in weather, physical stamina required and the environment we were operating within.

But there was one constant; the interactions with my fellow travellers.

Across the two weeks I was really lucky to have met many different and varied personalities. Some older, some younger and some around the same age and they all taught me something new, whether it be about themselves, the world, or simply who I was being in the dynamic we were creating together.

The remarkable thing about it all was that most times, it was not about their roles they played back home. Whilst sharing a boat ride down the river or trekking in the Andes, people’s souls were not focussed on what it was you ‘did’ back home. They were focussed on how you felt, what you were gleaning from your experiences, what your hopes and dreams were, who was most important to you or what gave you pleasure and joy. Status seemed to be missing. There was no judgment or comparison on whether someone was smarter, richer or in more senior positions then you. There was no striving, no achieving, no competition or ambition. We were all just being. We were all just being without veils, without masks and without pretence.

And it leaves me wondering, how do I achieve this state back here? How do I keep interactions real, without the ‘noise’ of goals and next levels and rungs on the ladder?

I’m sure you have some ideas. Wanna share? Go on 😉

With love


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