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My fears about giving up ‘the dream’ have been needling me a little. Some weeks I’ve been so tired post doing my part time contract role that I’ve been doing the bare minimum in my business. And that means a little guilt ensues.

But then two things happened; I received some great advice from a mentor and I had the privilege of seeing my contract role in its entirety.

Let me explain.

Firstly, my mentor’s advice.

I was telling my mentor about said needling when he asked, “What is your why?”

(“Oh no”, I thought, “the coach is about to get coached”. And I did.)

“To ensure people matter.”

How did you think that was going to show up? Perhaps the how doesn’t matter.”

Far out. I know this. I know it. I’ve learned it and advised it and now I was caught not putting it into action.

But geez did it serve me.

It was that very next day that I was struck by my light bulb. I was privileged enough to see my CEO and Board Director speak so passionately about their cause to solve world hunger. I heard statistics on just what they have achieved so far and was truly touched by the enormity of the impact this tiny organisation was having in the world – an organisation that I was now a part of. I couldn’t help but feel that I was a part of something truly, truly special.

And now I’m not questioning. Now I know I’m in the right place. There is no guilt necessary. It’s all leading to the one place – my want of making a difference in the world and ensuring people matter.

Be open to whatever form your ‘why’ turns up in.

With love


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