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I’m genuinely blessed to be living close by my entire family at the moment, which means I have much easier access to the pure joy that comes from receiving a cuddle from my niece and nephew.

At 2 & 1 years of age, they are scrumptious.

My little niece has certainly found her words and is developing super duper sentences of late – all of them with good context and a fair whack of honesty.  

My mother and I were on our way out after visiting on Friday afternoon and had given my niece and nephew their good bye cuddles and kisses when my sister in law mentioned my brother would be home soon so why don’t we stick around.

Well, this proved very confusing for my niece. As we were settling back in, Elly turned to mum and I and said, “No, you go home now.”

Lol I think I took it a little personally for a micro- second. You can’t get more black and white then that.

Then as we were jumping on the trampoline on sunny Saturday, she requested that I jump higher and higher and higher whilst she sat smack bang in the middle and enjoyed the bounce.

“Of course Elly Belly, I’ll jump higher for you.”

Higher and higher still!

“Ok, I need a rest now. How about you jump for a bit?”

“No. You do it.”

“Just give me a second to catch my breath and I’ll hop up.”

“No. Now. You do it now. I’m very, very cold, you know.” (In reference to having just jumped out of the pool.)

Buying some time, I pushed a little further, “I bet you’ll be just as good at jumping as I am.”


Lol ok, that didn’t work.

I’m sure for all the mums out there who have been through toddler dome, this is a regular occurrence and you can relate.

But what does this teach us?

My niece, like many other toddlers, is just being honest. It’s refreshing and hilarious and completely makes sense in her little world. I mean, why would you not express how you feel? Why would you not tell it like it is? Why would you not ask for the things you desire?


Somewhere along the way we started to filter our desires, our feelings and our truth.

Somewhere along the way we learnt that it was not ok to express ourselves, that it was not okay to want things and that it was not ok to speak up.

Somewhere along the way we learnt that we should consider others at the expense of ourselves.

Obviously I am not saying to behave like a 2 year old. I think there is some tact we can employ that is necessary in the adult world, don’t you? What I am saying is find an ecological way to be open with what you’re feeling, how you’re seeing a situation and what your heart truly yearns for.

After all, why wouldn’t you?

With love


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