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I’m in a predicament… a quandary. I’ve been stopped

This may come as a shocking revelation to some – but as a coach, I have faults. Some of which have only recently been discovered. (Cue slapping hands over cheeks.)

Recently, when facing the decision to pursue a relationship or not, I was advised, ever so humbly, not to discount it for future use. Things change, people change, and circumstances and context change.

This was a novel idea to me.


In my world, once something is done, isn’t it done? Once something was decided upon, weren’t we to push forward with all our might in that direction? Once something was over, wasn’t it indeed over, never to return again?



This has been a very, very, VERY important lesson.

SO.MANY.TIMES I have touted that life is about the journey, it’s about loving the process and witnessing the ever unfolding.

SO.MANY.TIMES I have said it’s about seeking your biggest desires but detaching from them enough to allow other possibilities to creep in.

And on a few occasions (just a few *wink*), I haven’t taken my own advice. I realised that this week.

Matters of the heart, just as matters in business, can do with the same dose of that reality.

If you’re someone who employs logic and rationale, then you’re probably thinking to yourself – yeah, of course! But if you’re anything like me and a sensitive little goat, who is a deep feeler, you get it *wink*

So, the key?

Stay open. Stay open to new possibilities and unfolding’s. Because you just never know what’s on the other side…. And time is a great teller of all things.

With love


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And no, I don’t know why I used goat…