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Since moving, I’ve discovered a boxing class that I really enjoy. 

The first time I joined this class I was overwhelmed. My partner was a firecracker, holding the pads firm and encouraging me to HIT HARDER, HIT FASTER and generally give it more. I was a hot, sweaty mess and in SO MUCH PAIN by the end of it.  But it was that satisfying kinda pain. It was that sweet kinda pain that you can only get after a job well done – one where you know you’ve given it your absolute all.

The second time I joined the class I had a different partner and she was really lovely. But there was no pushing, there was no firmness in pad holding, there wasn’t even so much as a cajoling. And I, in turn, didn’t feel particularly inspired either. I left feeling mediocre, like I still had fight left in me and like I had let myself and my partner down.

It made me realise;

Surrounding yourself with people above your level is key in staying motivated and raising your own performance.

If you’re performing at a less then optimal level, have you considered who’s around you? Have you considered their performance, their level of motivation, their language, their attitude, their general ootzpah?

Now I’m not saying it’s the responsibility of everyone around you to keep you motivated. What I am saying is that it’s your responsibility to give yourself the best chance at performing at your best.

Notice the people in your life that may be lifting you or, conversely, bringing you down. Just notice.

Perhaps you want to spend more time with the uplifters?

Perhaps you might like to be aware of the bringerdownerers and how that impacts you?

Life’s too short to surround yourself with mediocrity.

So, what will you do?

With love


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