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I’m moving. Again. For those who know me, believe it, it’s happening. Again.

And I’m excited about the new suburb, the close proximity to friends old and new and the new energy this will usher in.

I’m excited about the de-cluttering that’s going along with it too.

My brother just said to me this morning, “Most people accumulate ‘stuff’ as they go along, but you seem to rid yourself of it.”

What a wonderful metaphor for life really. I have, in essence, both physically and metaphorically, rid myself of ‘stuff’ as I’ve gone along these last four years.

As a coach, oftentimes one of the things we have clients do is clean out their cupboards.

It’s such a symbol of how you live your life – your cupboards and living space.

Ask yourself these questions;

How do you fill your space?

Are there lots of textures/ colours?

Is it warm/ practical/ sleek?

Do you collect things?

Do you keep things clean/ uncluttered?

Do you appreciate untidiness but value cleanliness?

How does all this translate into your life?

And the truly valuable questions;

Are you holding on to stuff that is unnecessary?

Are you frightened of letting it go?

What would happen if you let it go?

What would happen if you hung onto it?

How would you feel if you let go of just a few things at a time, give it a test run?

Hmmm metaphor – life

For me, there’s still ‘stuff’ to go. There will always be another level of de-cluttering ‘work’ to do.

I actually think the journey is endless in this lifetime (and the next).

And what I absolutely know is that when I do let go, it’s liberating, lightening and provides clarity.

Try it and see. My challenge to you this week is this; rid yourself of things not used in 6 months from 3 realms of your life, for example, the kitchen, the wardrobe and the garage.

Go one step further by ridding yourself of any clothes that are ill fitting (regardless of being ‘those jeans’ you’ll get back into – they’re just holding you back), stained or ripped.

See how that feels and let us know.

Tidy house, tidy mind.

Snap to it 😉

With love


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