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Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Lynda Bayada – ex corporate, current teacher, aspiring business woman, constant student, budding priestess and writer. Just over three years ago now, I left the corporate space and my role as a project manager in order to pursue a dream – to own and run my own coaching business. Initial advice said, “Go with what you know”. So I did, and reSOULve was born. At first I was still getting my corporate on. I was focussing on leadership in big organisations. I lobbied, pitched and exhausted myself doing free stuff for those I knew back in that world and I networked within an inch of my life. Despite my efforts, something was amiss…it wasn’t working. It wasn’t me anymore.

A year later and I’d jumped into partnership with someone I thought was brilliant. Turns out, we weren’t brilliant together. That particular venture – Sundari Soul – focussed on personal evolution and spirituality. Whisking women away from their roles as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends and lovers, we journeyed to Bali for a spiritual sojourn. Personal evolution (revolution even) is certainly my thing. Hell, I haven’t stopped on the quest to improve myself in the last three years nor will I ever stop. What wasn’t my thing was assigning things within my control to the occult, a spiritual belief I just couldn’t get on board with. I am aware that I have free will and am responsible for my own happiness and truth.

Strike two.

What has become clear or is becoming clearer is myself. The paradox that is me still has, and likes, her polished, professional, corporate kick ass attitude. Now it’s mixed in with a healthy dose of spirituality – a home-made blend of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Catholicism, life experiences and lessons. A Corporate Hippie, so to speak… With two attempts in business I can’t say I have been entirely ‘successful’. Yet. As Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, puts it, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. With all this experience in ways that don’t work, I’m encouraged that there have been lessons which could help others. I’ve discovered so much about life, business and relationships. The discoveries continue, and that’s what will be central to this venture– life, business and relationships. I’m privileged and grateful to have you as a reader. I hope my experiences or something I say resonates or is identifiable to you. Something which I hope inspires you to follow your dreams too.

There will be a few stories, a few giggles, some healthy retrospect, indulgent fantasy, but mostly, meaningful messages for growth and movement forward.

This is me. Raw. Unedited. Slightly nervous.

Join me.

With love