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Wow – can you believe it’s been a year since I started blogging? The day post Australia Day last year I launched my new website and committed to writing two blogs a week. Since then, I’ve been coming to you Mondays and Thursdays (bar the Christmas break).

It’s been a really insightful journey and I only have YOU to thank for it.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far, which in essence will hopefully help you too;

Life is ever changing and unpredictable – blogs which I thought were really very good did not go so well and the reverse was also true; blogs which I thought were mediocre or even a tad terrible were often praised. That was always a lovely surprise and taught me that my thoughts are hardly ever true.

Which is a good segue into…

Creation is not your own – once my writing left me, it was no longer mine. If, as an artist or creator of any kind (and here’s a hint, you’re creating right now, therefore you are one), you put your work out into the world it is no longer yours to scrutinise. It becomes about your audience and the pleasure they choose to take in it. Everyone will receive your work during a time, place, moment, headspace that is relevant to them and them alone. And they will interpret it how they need it, in that moment.

Which is also a good segue into…

Timing is everything – it’s important to research and gather data around the best times for your audience to view your work. BUT, sometimes, the universe has a way of conspiring to bring the right pieces of information to the right people at the right time, regardless of carefully considered methods. People have thanked me at times when the writing was relevant to them in that moment… and it may not have been deliberate or mechanistic in its delivery. It was something that just ‘popped up’ for them and they just felt compelled to read – they followed a feeling. Trust that your words are impacting the right people when they need it.

Vulnerability is key – the times when I’ve been my most raw, my most open, my most honest and vulnerable with my emotions are the times when people have really responded. I have often been rewarded for laying it all out there. Thank you. People are often afraid to do this – and so was I – but the response has indicated to me that people appreciate people being true. It gives them permission to be the same. Pretences fall away when there is nothing left to hide. 

A story is enticing – metaphors, real life examples and everyday happenings really help people relate. Always be real and offer an example from your own life. (See previous point.)

Writing forces you to process your feelings and thoughts and creates self- awareness – selfishly, blogging for you has helped me a great deal personally. There have been times when I’ve come to the blank page not knowing what I’ve wanted to say to you. But as I’ve typed, things have become clearer and clearer. And in those moments when I have been vulnerable, the clarity has revealed some solid realisations. So journal, doodle, create through your words; you are waiting on the other side.

And lastly;

Draw a line in the sand – I drew a line in the sand when this started. I made a solid decision that I would do whatever it took to get something to you twice a week. There were times when I was tired, sick, unmotivated or uninspired – but that didn’t stop me. There were times when I was unsure, did not believe in myself and doubted my words – but that didn’t stop me. I kept going. I found the strength to push through and find something better on the other side; achievement plus all of the above! By golly gosh – shouldn’t I be taking this attitude and letting it ooze and seep into other realms of my life? Making a decision is so much more then choosing. It’s making it a MUST.

What is your MUST?

I’m still committed to getting valuable and useful content to you! This will happen once a week now, each Tuesday, to your inbox. That’s if you’re on my list. If you’re not, join here and come along for the ride. I’d love to have you.

With love


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