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I was very lucky this last sun shiny Friday to be lunching with my mum at a little café in Annandale.

We were chatting away, enjoying our tea, when a little boy came bounding up to us from the street.

He climbed up on the bench alongside me and cuddled my shoulders and then sat down on my left, right in close, and put his little hand on my arm.

My little heart burst.

He then proceeded to ask A LOT of questions.

“How many are you?”

“Oh, I’m 34. How many are you?”

“I’m 3.”

“Is your number more than 10?” he says.

“Oh yes, my number is more than 10.”

(Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but glance around me to see where this child’s parent or guardian was. But I kept paying attention.)

“Do you have a pet?”

“I don’t. But mum does. A little puppy dog.”

“What is its name?”


“I have cats and their names are Flakes and Pixie.”

“Oh that’s lovely. Where is your mum today?”

“Mum’s working.”

“And where is your Dad today?”

“Dad’s working too. But, but, but…” and now he’s climbing down from me and heading over to my mum and again, placing his hands on her arm and leaning into her and asking, “How many are you?”

“Oh. I’m not telling you that.”

LOL. Mum. I love you.

“Is it 10?”

“Yes, it’s 10.”


And on it went. And in amongst other things we found out that his Pop was just inside in the café.

I was so taken with this little boy. He was so vibrant and full of energy and so inquisitive and trusting of the world around him. He really was so open to chatting to us and he really, really was so God damn cute too.

As I write this I’m smiling at the memory of him. He taught me some big lessons that day, lessons I wanted to share with you.

If you’re ever wondering exactly what you’re getting back to, it’s that.

It’s being curious about life and people. It’s being trusting when it comes to others. It’s being open hearted and behaving without pretence. It’s being unassuming and judgment free. It’s speaking with honesty and not agenda. It’s giving love without the expectation of it in return.

Because the reality is, we were all like this little boy once. We were all like him. We just got covered with some dirty muck along the way. We became conditioned to an unnatural state.

Now, I’ve got some work to do. Do you?

With love


PS. I’ll have something for you on Monday. A little gift. Can’t wait!

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