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Many, many times I look back on my journey and think, “How on earth did you do it?”


I still don’t know.

(Well, I do. I’m actually trying to fit the solution into one neat little package for everyone *wink*)

I do know that there’s sure as hell been a healthy amount of ‘realness’ plugged into the story.

We hear many stories of successful people failing many times before they ‘make it’. (I put ‘make it’ in inverted commas because who is defining what ‘make it’ means? In whose eyes are we ‘successful’? What is our measure of ‘success’? That is really in the eye of the beholder.)

When I say ‘realness’, I mean, sh*t gets real.

Oftentimes we start something new with all the enthusiasm in the world and then rubber really hits the road and we face some struggles, we face some uncertainty, we face some hard knocks.

And we often times want to give up.

It’s almost like the honeymoon period being over in an intimate relationship. The rose coloured glasses come off and we start seeing the person (project/new venture/career/hobby) for what they really are. And we have to make a decision as to whether we’re going to continue or whether we’re going to leave.

There’s a rife saying within the personal development industry which is, “you have to break down to break through.”

It’s true.

The choice is yours. Will you stay broken and break off or will you break through to new possibilities and new growth?

Part of the solution is setting reasonable expectations up front. Nobody is an overnight success. Those who are dubbed ‘overnight successes’ will often times tell you it sure as hell didn’t happen overnight.

Opportunity looks like hard work (as Ashton Kutcher once said – who really got that from Thomas Edison).

And when the rubber really starts hitting the road, you gotta find a way to stick.

Sacrifice and struggle will become your enemies or friends dependent upon your attitude towards them.

The enrichment of an ever unfolding ever evolving project will far outweigh them.

With love


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