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When I think about humans and all their rich experiences, their diverse cultures, their unique perceptions, their colours, sizes, shapes and spots & dots, I marvel at how wonderfully individual everyone is.

And then I think of just how very much the same we all are.

It is true that no two humans are ever going to be the same. But it is also true that we all stem from the same thing and desire the same thing – love.

I met so many interesting and unique people whilst I was travelling recently, many of which were Balinese. The Balinese by their very nature are compassionate, kind and peaceful souls. And they always want to make you happy.

Many, many times I was faced with a language barrier. I know a sum total of two phrases in Bahasa Indonesian and felt quite ignorant. But it didn’t matter. The language was the same wherever I went – kind eyes, a smiling face and an energy of care and concern. Always.

(Many times I was told ‘be careful’ when hopping on my bike. Not sure if that’s actually about the way I look when I’m on the bike or if it’s still that energy of plain and simple care ;-))

I guess the moral of this story is, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you’re communicating from a place of love, your message will always get across regardless of any perceived barriers you think you’re facing.

Short and sweet today. Just the way I like it.

Much love to you my readers.


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