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My living situation changed quite abruptly recently. That’s life. Sometimes things happen.

It so happens that right now, I’m further from the hub bub of the city than usual – an hour further to be exact.

Now, I’m a very versatile human being. I’ve needed to become that in the last four years with the experience of soooo much change and upheaval, switching from the comfort of a corporate career to the uncertainty of starting a business. So, you can now stick me pretty much anywhere and I will, once I find my legs, thrive.

Finding the legs part is the trick.

When we don’t feel ‘secure’ or when we feel we’ve lost our ‘roots’, that’s when many of us feel shaky.

When I think of being ‘secure’ or having ‘roots’ it’s not necessarily about being in a house or having the security of material around me. It’s more about finding my anchors or touch stones for being grounded.

Here’s a time to think – what grounds you?

For me, and especially moving somewhere new, I find comfort in finding a routine. And parts of that routine include a place to work from, a place to exercise and a place to have meaningful conversations.

My family are also an anchor for me – but they don’t have to be close by. I just need to know they’re there. (Though it’s a bonus that for right now, they are!)

It’s also about having a sense of community around me. And that comes with routine as well.

After being here only two weeks, the instructors at the dance and exercise classes that I love already know my name. That says as much about my striving for community and roots as it does about their lovely community orientated nature.

I now feel at home.

And it encourages me to think just how I have felt ‘at home’ when making the transition that I have.

It comes down to creating familiarity.

And it will for you to…. When you decide to make the move *wink*

I’d love to hear from you – what keeps you grounded? What are your touchstones for security? What makes you feel most like you have roots?

Share with us in the comments below!

With yummy love, as always


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