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I was watching Green Lantern recently. (Please suspend all judgement until you’ve heard me out ;)) As many comic book stories or hero’s journeys go, there is a moral message underlying all the lycra and special effects. With this particular story, the planet Oa (is powered by WILL and their enemy (and coincidently enemy to the entire galaxy), Paralax, is powered by FEAR.

With the aim of taking over the universe (as you would expect), Paralax (fear) must destroy Oa (will), but not without going via the planet Earth first. In its quest to grow and become victorious, Paralax (fear) literally feeds off the souls of those it encounters. Enter Hal, our hero, “Green Lantern” and human in this piece, who in order to succeed must use his will to overcome fear. Of course Hal wins, but not without succumbing to some very real doubt, of which his child hood sweetheart, Carol, quickly slaps out of him by asking some laser like questions such as, “So, are you just going to give up? Walk away? Allow someone else to do it? Not finish!!??”

My heart was smiling at all the beautiful lessons for life this story was communicating;

In order to win any battle, you must be powered by WILL.

In order to overcome FEAR, you must use your WILL.

There is always an obstacle, whether it be FEAR or evil (take your pick on what form ‘evil’ may take in life), but our determination and courage WILL overcome anything placed in our way.

Fear, if you let it, will literally suck your soul from you.

And my personal favourite, feeding on fear only serves to expand that fear. It allows it to grow and morph into something completely overarching, paralysing us (or in this case, the entire human race… which, when I think about it, is not far off).

And finally, when your lover is sharing wisdom, listen!

The strongest message and final words I have are; there is no antidote to fear. Oftentimes fear will be there. It may not actually disappear in order for us to push forward. We must develop courage in order to push through our fear. And the more we take action towards our true desires, the more fear will subside.

This is what I had to realise before jumping from my comfortable corporate career. It’s what you’ll have to realise too if you’re flirting with the edge.

What fears are holding you back from taking that leap?

With love