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I teach classes at uni and often see my students ‘cracking’ under the weight of so many ‘things’ going on.

A student recently resorted to colluding on one of his assignments because of said ‘things’. I didn’t believe he was someone who would choose the cheats road normally. I knew there was a story behind it, so I probed a little further.

Our chat revealed that he was actually studying two degrees at two separate universities – full time. But that wasn’t the end. He also worked part time as a teacher in a business college two nights a week AND worked part time as a call centre operator for one of Australia’s most reputable companies. In amongst all this, he was maintaining a relationship and planning a 2 month trip for 2 months’ time. Phew. I’m getting tired just typing this.

It was no wonder he started cutting corners somewhere.

When you have many things going on in life, your energy is dispersed and therefore, the effort is dispersed.

(It is my dream that this becomes a bumper sticker one day. Any takers?!)

Life is busy. We get that. We certainly hear it enough. Maybe it doesn’t have to be, but it is for most people. And what tends to happen is that we have so many things to focus on that our energy is fragmented across many of them, meaning they do not get the attention they deserve.

Would you rather do one thing and do it well or do many things and do them all poorly?

Does that make you feel good?

It’s time to take stock and think of all the ‘things’ we’ve got going on. Is there something we can let go of to ensure that the important things get the attention they really deserve? Our friendships, our vocations, our devotions, our parenting, our families, ourselves – are they being neglected?

I think the moral of the story is this; Slow down. Breathe. Take stock. Find time. Drop some things. Let go. Concentrate. Be present.

With love


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