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I’ve written a note to myself to write wedding vows – to myself. I’ve just now found it.

I’m not sure where I got this from. I’m not sure that matters now. What matters is the sentiment.

When we think of making a life- long commitment or promise ourselves to that special someone, we openly and publicly declare it to our nearest and dearest. These vows are our sincerest pledge to our partners of what we hope and wish to provide during our union. Things such as to love, honour, cherish, respect, listen, make laugh, through sickness and health, the good and not so good times.

No offence to our partners but have we made a lifelong commitment to ourselves as yet? Do we care enough about ourselves to promise these things to ourselves?

How do you want to treat you?

How do you want to lovingly act towards you?

How do you want to cherish and respect yourself?

Do you not deserve the same as what you’re offering to your lover?

How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. We’re teaching others how to treat us all the time, just by loving or not loving ourselves.

So, for this reason, I’m going to have a go at writing my wedding vows to myself. After all, I’m going to be with me for a very long time and I want to make sure I’ve chosen the right version of me. I hope this gives you the courage to take stock and realise what you want for your own self.

K, here goes;

Lynda, I choose you.

In good times, I will encourage you to soar even higher, make greater leaps and positively love all over you for doing so.

In bad times, I promise to offer a reassuring ear, take it easy on you and cuddle and nurture you with sweetness, compliments, cups of tea and naps.

During the times when you can’t find your way or feel lost, I promise to remind you that you’re ok, right now, just as you are.

During the times when you feel angered or frustrated, I promise to encourage you to breathe, relax and take you off to a warm bath.

During the times when you plainly and simply screw up, I promise to lovingly bring forth your humility, grace and sincerest desire to be forgiven.

During the times when others around you seem to plain and simply screw up, I promise to bring forth your compassion, warmth and desire to forgive.

And above all else, I promise to love you. At whatever point, during whatever moment, the sickness and the health, the good and the not so good, I will love you.

Now it’s your turn. I would love to hear some of the things you promise to give yourself in this lifetime. What commitments are you making to you? Let us know in the comments below!

With love


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