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My holidays always seem to revolve around food. Food, glorious food. I often leave a café after grazing only to find that I could easily go back and recommence the ritual or move on to another setting to start the process all over again.

Anyone who has travelled with me knows this to cause a terrible chink in their itinerary. Like a little whippet, I need to be thrown a bone every few minutes.

But my eating habits are not the topic of this particular conversation.

I’m here to recognise the whole ceremony and process around food. Food is often a gatherer of family, of friends, of loved ones. Or, it can be a time for yourself to take stock. It can be a comforter (let’s hope a healthy one) and friend to some. (I’m thinking warm stews in front of gas fires in winter. Hmmmmm.)

There’s a ritual that comes with food. And it’s important to me that it’s not forgotten. It’s doing more then just nourishing our bodies. It’s nourishing our souls as well.

Which brings me to the wider context of ritual.

Rituals by their very nature are patterns of behaviour.

I’m very interested in patterns of behaviour. Patterns of behaviour of the good kind.

It’s time to reflect;

What patterns of positive behaviour do you perform almost religiously?

What rituals do you implement which nourish and nurture your soul and ensure positive benefits for you (and the knock on effect of those around you)?

What rituals do you wish you could bring back, re-establish or reinvigorate?

They’re important. These little patterns which we implement on a daily basis are important for our stability.

Ceremonies and rituals give us comfort. They give us security. And if they’re rituals or the nourishing kind, they’re giving us health, vitality, peace and joy.

So what one thing can you implement today that would give satisfaction? What one little ritual – little pattern of behaviour – could you start or being once again to give back to you?

After all, you deserve it.

(Now, back to eating ;-))

With love


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