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You know when I started writing last Thursday’s blog, I didn’t meant to write that. Sometimes I sit down at the PC and what I had in mind morphs and moulds into something else. Sometimes it’s better than my original thought. Sometimes it’s not! And sometimes it’s not better or worse then what I planned, it’s just different.

That was the thing that I really wanted to say about creativity – that it’s moody.

(I say ‘it’s’ because it can almost be perceived as a separate being to yourself. Sometimes when I sit down to write, I marvel at just where the words come from. Sometimes I think it’s a Goddess given gift. Sometimes I feel that my fingers are typing without any real input from ‘me’.)

Sometimes I feel that this separate being – let’s call it ‘the Genie’ – is moody because it’s  just not there at times. I can sit down with allocated time to ‘create’ and pray that my writing, strategising, visualising, or whatever chosen avenue of creativity I have set aside time for, just comes. But sometimes it doesn’t.

The opposite is also true. Sometimes I can be out in the world, participating actively in the ‘doing’ and my Genie decides to appear. “For crying out loud, Genie!”, I say, “It’s not the right time!” I sometimes don’t even have the implements to record what the Genie is communicating to me. And when that happens, you can guarantee that I lose it later.

Sometimes you have all the time in the world, without the creative flare. Sometimes you have all the creative flare, without the time. 

So just how do we control this little Genie and ensure balance in this scenario?

Keep allocating time to your creative pursuits; that’s a good thing. It prepares your mind  for what’s to come, ensuring your best intentions. Remember the mind is a goal seeking mechanism. Allocating the time is equivalent to setting the goal. Also ensure your allocation of time takes place at your most creative times. This may take some trial and error. Monitor yourself during the day. Are you most alert and creative at first wake, middle of the day or late at night? It will be different for different people so start becoming familiar with these patterns.

If creativity just isn’t coming do these two things; Write/do just one thing and see if that gathers momentum and/or change your environment. Perhaps you just need a fresh perspective?

And if the Genie really just isn’t coming? Don’t despair. Some days you just won’t have the energy, wherewithal or flare. Creativity needs you to be well. So you may need to rest. It’s not giving up, it’s simply parking. Remember you can choose how long to park for. It could be 2 minutes, 2 hours or 2 days. Only you’ll know how long you need 😉

How do you ensure your creative Genie is at its best? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

With love


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