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Do you consider yourself creative?

Do you consider yourself ‘a’ creative?

Creativity is actually very much in the eye of the beholder.

Let me explain.

I never thought I was ‘creative’ or ‘a creative’. I always thought creative people were artists, sculptors, fashion designers or interior designers. And all because I couldn’t design an interior, take a blank canvas and paint something from scratch, or weave magic with a sewing machine or sketch pad, I wasn’t creative. I always, always associated creativity with being artistic. And that’s not necessarily true.

The truth is, we’re all creative. In fact, we’re all creators.

Let’s test if you are…

Have you not created the experience you’re having right now? Have you not chosen the career path that you’re on, the partner that you’re with, the friends in your circle, the holidays you’ve traversed to? You may not have chosen your parents (well, there are some that would argue that you did), but you certainly choose the way you interact with them and isn’t that creation?

Creation, quite simply, is bringing something into existence.

Once you have your head around that, you become acutely aware of just how much power you possess. You’re bringing things into existence all the time. The boyfriends you date, the interactions you choose to have or not have, the words you speak, the thoughts that pass through your mind. You’re producing them. You may not be producing that boyfriend as he is, because, well, his mother was for that. But you’re certainly producing the dynamic and experience you’re having together… and that’s the power you’re holding in your red hot little hands, heart and mind right now. You have the power to maintain or change that. Bring something else into existence.


Think you can handle that responsibility?

Here, hold my hand. We’ll walk together 😉

How do you create you world? What does knowing this mean for you? Share with us in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

With love


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