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Thank you for allowing me to tell my stories of India. A big part of processing the whole experience is exactly that, telling stories; taking the assault on the senses and ordering it in some way, giving voice to the many feelings and thoughts that bubbled up.

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I now move to those who I experienced the journey with. Not the women I met, but the people I set off with.

This was a journey of epic proportion, though we didn’t know that at the outset.

In observing the women leaders, we too were learning how to lead… but it was something far richer then that.

I feel like India offered us all a clean slate. That when we returned home, we would be starting again. A re birthing, if you will. A re birthing of self.

We were totally picked apart during the process and we needed to put it all back together.

On the fourth day, after being immersed in the culture and taken in by these courageous, resilient, nurturing and loving women, we were left to face ourselves.

What did all this mean for us? What were we now going home to do with all this new information? What will we now stand for when we arrive back on our own soil, to our loved ones and colleagues? What will we commit to post this small but transformational amount of time?

We were being asked to take a stand.

I didn’t just admire the elected women in India. I admired my travelling companions.

They removed all semblance of a veil and left themselves completely open and vulnerable.

In taking their stands and sharing with the group what they were now committed to, they shed tears and I’m sure, layers of skin.

They cracked their good hearts wide open.

And the biggest commitment they all made? LOVE.

They all committed to being, doing and creating more love in their lives.

They reconnected to what was important  – their selves and their relationships.

Like our Indian counterparts, they committed to being more open, more willing, more available and more generous with themselves and others.

I felt so privileged to stand beside them on this journey. Thank you my new friends. You know who you are.

Where can you commit more to yourselves and your relationships? Take a stand.

With love


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